Monday, January 12, 2015

Qoros sketches

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Los Angeles design challenge entry 2014




Qoros Qloud Qubed


The Qloud has become an intelligent multi-dimensional personal management assistant called the Qloud Qubed (Q). Q manifests itself in the physical world as a persona that reflects the elegance, simplicity and dynamism that the Qoros brand stands for. Q is about trust. The depth and value of human relationships depends on the level of trust between the individuals – the QloudQubed works in a similar way. Q learns from the user as time goes by. The dynamics of the relationship be- tween the Q and user emulates how human relationships develop over time. Q also eliminates the possibility of an accident by silently monitoing the driver’s performance at all times. If Q senses that the driver is being irrespon- sible (especially on Friday night), it will switch to Q’s automated driving mode, take over the wheel and safely drive the person home. The vehicle has two modes, self-drive and Q drive. The interior layout changes upon preference. The central driving position seat rotates (forward for self-drive and rearward to spend time with family and friends). The vehicle is tall and narrow, making it ideal for crowded megacity streets. Q is spacious and can be tailored to a variety of needs; the layout shown is drawn for the average Chinese family of 2029 (with two children).

Gert Hildebrand, Design Lead
Tim Pilsbury, Design Manager
Jamie Barrett, Exterior Design
Aditya Mahajan, Exterior Design
Alex O’Brien, Interior Design
Xiaoyin Li, Interior Design
Gary Guo, Designer
Yue Zhen, Intern
Rob Ho, Digital Modeler
Sean Pan, Digital Modeler
Yue Zhang, Digital Modeler
Fabio Bisson, Digital Modeler
Pan Lei, Digital Modeler
Alex Segura, Visualization
Martial Fontan, Visualization

Qoros, "Sensing the Future" for the Los Angeles Design Challenge. TRUST.