Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tank you very much! Bovington Tank museum 2012

German Tiger tank

American Patton tank

German King tiger

fish eye German tiger turret

Russian T34

Today i took a trip to Bovington tank museum with my Dad , i know its not sketching or car related , but one of my secret passions is tanks ( it still has wheels....sort of) the museum is full of wonderful machines and was an awesome day out , these are just a few of my favorite tanks .....more sketches to come!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

BMW museum Munich (***WARNING*** contains car pornography )

Brabham BT52 formula one car 
BMW 8 series render
Mclaren F1 GT car BMW V12
BMW 8 series render
BMW 1 series clay model
BMW  3.0 CSL Race car

During my trip to munich with a friend for the Qoros presentation  , we stopped off at the BMW museum ( would have been rude not to ) the place is amazing and full of insight and history about the company , and also some really cool cars , everything from mundane saloons to fire breathing race cars! these are only a few of the photos that i took , got to love BMW motorsport.

I highly recommend this museum as it is a petrol heads dream.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Final major project Qoros model with Gert Hildebrand

My model here featured with Gert hildebrand , Head designer at Qoros Auto co

Model Boxed up and ready to be shipped to Germany

Was like a fortress in their

Model on stand at meeting in Munich 

In a couple of weeks i start work in Shanghai for the company so will try and keep my blog updated but will have to start doing proper work :) GOING TO LOVE IT!!

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Monday, July 2, 2012

10 Years on ...wise words from Peter Stevens

10 years ago i sent a letter to Peter Stevens (Then head of MG design, Mclaren F1 designer) asking how i would become a car designer , after his input and guidance and another 10 years of sketching i have finally done it ! Thankyou good sir