Friday, January 6, 2012

Qoros Brand release

Qoros Badge

During my 6 month internship at Magna Steyr in Austria i was thrusted into a live project , working for the chinese brand Qoros.over the last few weeks the brand has been announced and more and more information has been coming out. It is quite surreal to see what i was working on all over the internet and car design news. and makes me proud that i was a working part of that team. i worked on the Qoros brand as well as the tiger sculpture that has been showcased.

Gert hillderbrand with Qoros Sculpture

The people i worked with on the project were amazing , such as Cesar Pieri , Phillippe Eberle and Gert Hildebrand ( Ex- head mini designer ) and many other designers and modelers, This made the 6 months very pleasurable. There is more to come from the brand and i am excited to see it develop.

some of my work was featured on the Qoros website.

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Below is a link to the Qoros website where some of my work was featured.


Another link to the announcement  of the Qoros Brand on Car design news

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  1. Hi mate, was my pleasure working with you.
    see you soon!