Thursday, November 21, 2013

LA auto show


  1. Thanks for sharing these awesome cars! Auto shows never fail to impress car enthusiasts, and always end up successfully. Hope these cars are maintained properly to prevent engine breakdowns. Well, I'm sure their owners have a reliable mechanic to work with it in case of emergencies. :)

    Mickey Doshi @ JimAndJacks

  2. Car shows are often held for a specific purpose. While others organize them to promote new brand models, others are using this chance to bond with old friends and acquaintances. It’s nice to display your car during the show, but it would be nicer to hit the road and just go for a ride with these.

    Carole Simmons

  3. Fantastic photos! I believe all car lovers who were able to attend that show enjoyed the whole display. Who wouldn’t love to drool over all those Porsche, Honda and BMW models? I know I would. Haha! Thanks for sharing! I hope you’ll be able to feature more car shows in the future. :)

    Sarah Erwin @ Baldwin Subaru